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Add Unsplash Photos in Ghost Blog

Ghost Adds Unsplash Integration

Ghost is the popular open-source blogging platform that was born out of a Kickstarter campaign a little over four years ago. It features a minimal writing environment that lets you focus on your writing and publish content without having to worry about anything else. Ghost is a fantastic platform for professional bloggers and there’s now a growing community of theme and integrations developers available for it. Although I personally prefer using WordPress and Squarespace, Ghost is fast becoming a platform...

Flume Instagram App for Mac

Flume 2.7 Adds Carousel Uploads, Saved Collections and 2FA Settings

Flume for Mac — the outstandingly beautiful Instagram app for Mac was updated to version 2.7 last week. This version introduces some great new features to the app. Flume 2.7 adds full support for carousel/multi-image uploads. Instagram added this feature back in February and Flume has supported browsing, viewing and editing them since Flume 2.5 which was released in March. We’ve gone a step further than what you can do on the mobile Instagram apps however, as we’ve provided complete...


Dropmark — A Peerless Digital Scrapbook

Notes apps are a dime a dozen — Apple’s own built-in solution is excellent, and keeps getting progressively better with each release of iOS. Evernote, the Prince-turned-Pauper, continues to be the preferred solution for a lot of people, despite the seemingly unknown direction its parent company is taking. Bear, the excellent Evernote replacement, which we’ve covered here at BP, also keeps on getting better and better, and offers one of the best ways to save Web Page content we’ve ever...

Vellum Wallpapers App for iPhone

Vellum — Wallpapers Galore

We review a lot of things here at Beautiful Pixels — from Text Editors to Calendar Apps, and everything in between. Wallpaper apps don’t make much of an appearance on this site, because what matters with such an app is less how it is designed, but rather how beautiful its contents are, specifically, the quality of the photographs that it offers up. Vellum, developed by the creator of the most excellent Mextures photo editing app, is an app that gets...