The Pocket Casts for Android Closed Beta Is Now Open To All

@pocketcasts on Twitter:

Android users: Our previously closed private beta is now open to all. If you’re up for the occasionally broken build and like to test new features, you can opt-in here.

The fantastic Pocket Casts on Android is now opening up its closed beta to everyone via Google Play. I’ve been using the beta on iOS for a while now and it is always great seeing how the team at Shifty Jelly, I mean Podcast Media, innovates with Podcast app interface and adopting newer design language on both iOS and Android. The beta on Android wasn’t open to the public until now. If you use an Android device, you can now sign up for it using the link above.

Pocket Casts Gets Acquired by NPR and Other Public Radio Stations

Shifty Jelly is one of my favourite developers out there. Pocket Casts is one of the rare apps that we feature almost every year in the end of year Highlight and of course through covering their lovely big updates that happen across platforms multiple times a year. Pocket Casts is also one of my favourite apps on all platforms. When they announced that WNYC, NPR, WBEZ and This American Life as a group approached them and acquired Pocket Casts, both Preshit and myself were pretty shocked.

Their blog post goes on multiple times to ensure that users and customers know that nothing will change going forward for Pocket Casts as an app. I’m beyond happy for the team. I spoke to Russel in depth on The Dialogue and hope to do another one with him in the future once things settle. This is a huge deal for the team and I wish them the best with this.

I’m curious to see what this big partnership entails for podcasts as a whole because Pocket Casts is basically podcasts for me at this point.

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