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Mozilla Has Acquired Pocket

Pocket Gets a Share Extension for iOS 8

I’ve used Instapaper, Readability and Pocket as my Read Later services on and off for the past couple of years. They have all had their own positives and negatives, but I ultimately settled on Instapaper. Now, however, I’m being forced to relook that choice, owing to Pocket’s new iOS8 specific features. Although Instapaper too [has been updated] for iOS 8, Pocket just seems much more elegant. And boy, did they think of everything. If I could sum up the features...


If you are a fan of the written word displayed on an a high resolution illuminated screen, Mac is the best place to be. Over the past few years the experience of reading and writing on the Mac has kept on improving. There are innovative Markdown editors like Ulysses and Writer Pro out there, as well as beautiful RSS readers like Readkit. Slicereader joins this club with its own take on reading on the Mac.