Reeder 4 for macOS Gets a Public Beta

Reeder is one of the most synonymous RSS apps on iOS. It has been around for a long time and is very likely in the first set of apps that most people install on their devices alongside the likes of 1Password and Twitterrific or Tweetbot. Reeder 3, the current stable version of the app, went Free on iOS and Mac last year. Today, Silvio has announced and released a public beta of Reeder 4 — the major rewrite of the app. Some of the new features introduced in the app are:

  • Read Later service with iCloud syncing.
  • Article list with preview images.
  • More layout options.
  • Improved article viewer.
  • Pull-to-Refresh

According to the developer, the iOS version of Reeder 4 is almost ready, so I’m hoping Reeder 4 will be out later this year. I can’t wait to see how it evolves during the beta.

Unread: RSS Reader Adds Support for Slider Over and Split View on iPad

Unread is one of the finest and most elegant RSS readers available for iOS out there. It’s journey originally began with Jared Sinclair, but later moved to Supertop (makers of the podcast app Castro), and was recently acquired by Golden Hill Software. It features a minimal UI that focuses heavily on impeccable typography and offers a delightful experience of consuming your feeds.

Today, Unread has been updated to Version 1.8 that introduces support for the Slide Over and Split View modes on iPad. There are also some improvements to the readability view and hardware compatibility improvements included in this release. This is a Free Update to all existing users.

Unread is available as a Universal app for Free on the App Store, with a $7.99 IAP to unlock all the features of the app.


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