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SpellTower 4.0 — The Beautifully Addictive Game Makes a Comeback

SpellTower is the beautifully addictive word game that bowled us over back in 2012. It made quite a mark for itself back then, gaining praise from everywhere and even made it to our Editor’s Choice of 2012 list. After a gap of over 4 years, SpellTower has resurfaced on the App Store today with a huge update that brings a host of improvements to the app. The app was last updated in September 2012 to fix the previous, rather disastrous...

Sliding over the masthead will only bring sadness. Go buy the game and bring happiness.

SpellTower is a Beautifully Addictive Word Game

The App Store has no shortage of games in any category. There are probably more word games than there are weather apps right now. Zach Gage has made quite a name for himself with Bit Pilot and Unify. He released his latest game, SpellTower a while ago and it will blow your mind. SpellTower outclasses almost every other word game in all aspects. It has some drool-worthy visuals, great sounds and addictive gameplay. It has a few elements from Tetris...