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Things 3 Introduces a ‘Mail to Things’ Feature

This month marks roughly seven months since the release of Things 3 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac — a major update that introduced a completely rebuilt suite of apps featuring an all-new design language, a highly polished UX and an incredible set of features that managed to win us over in our review. Cultured Code had been heavily criticized for their slow updates leading up the release of Things 3, but over the last 6 months, the team behind the...

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft Unveils ‘Microsoft To-Do’, the Successor to Wunderlist

Back in 2015, Wunderlist — one of the popular productivity apps that offered apps across the major platforms, announced that the team was joining Microsoft. The Berlin-based team continued building the app over the last couple of years, adding features and integrations to the app. Today, Microsoft has unveiled ‘Microsoft To-Do’ — a new app from the house of Microsoft and the logical successor to Wunderlist. Poised as an “intelligent task management app”, Microsoft To-Do is a completely new app...

Prio is a Beautiful Task List app for iPhone

Although there are thousands of to-do or task-oriented apps out there on the App Store, we always find it refreshing when we come across an app like Prio. We love developers who push the boundaries of UI design or try to experiment with their app’s UI instead of sticking to the “Chickenshit white” approach with the release of iOS 7. With Prio, developer Yari D’areglia has crafted something beautiful and slick. Yari is also part of the designer-developer duo behind...

TodoMovies 3

Taphive, the designer/developer duo behind the intricately crafted apps such as Tick & Blur Studio today released version 3 of their popular movie catalogue app — TodoMovies. We’ve already featured TodoMovies and TodoMovies 2 here on Beautiful Pixels in the past and if the quality of their previous apps is any indication, TodoMovies 3 automatically finds a spot here.