iShows Finally Adds a Landscape Mode for both iPad and iPhone Apps

My favorite apps to track TV Shows and Movies are iShows TV and iShows Movies respectively. Although there are several alternatives available out there, I prefer the overall experience that the iShows apps offer and have stuck to them through the years.

After recently adding a new ‘Watch Now!‘ feature to the app that lets you instantly know where a TV show is available for streaming, the developers have now finally added a landscape mode to the app. Yep, the app was only available in a Portrait design before this update, even on iPad. The Landscape view is available both on iPhone and iPad, but I’m sure iPad users will welcome it way more.

iShows TV and iShows Movies are available Free on the App Store, with a $3.99 IAP to unlock premium features.

Goodshows is now also Available for Android

Goodshows is a lovely iOS app to discover new movies and TV Shows, as well as to discuss anything you’re currently watching, with your friends and followers. We wrote about Goodshows last month and last week, Goodshows made its way to Android as well.

The app carries a familiar look and feel on Android and lets you do everything you can in the iPhone app. When we wrote about the iOS App, we said that apps like it largely depend on how many of your friends and followers are using it, so with the Android availability, you’re much more likely to find friends on there now.

Goodshows is available Free on Google Play.

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