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iShows Finally Adds a Landscape Mode for both iPad and iPhone Apps

iShows TV

iShows TV v2.9 Adds the ‘Watch Now!’ Feature

iShows TV has been my favorite tv show tracker for iOS for a really long time now. I started using it in mid-2013 and since then, the app has continuously improved its feature-set, especially with version 2.0 that came out in 2015. Today, the app has been updated to version 2.9 that introduces a real nifty feature of the app — ‘Watch Now!’. ‘Watch Now!’ enables you to see where the particular TV Show can be purchased or streamed directly...

Goodshows is now also Available for Android

Goodshows — Discover Movies & TV Shows from your Friends

Goodshows is a community built around TV Shows, Movies and the users who love watching them. It’s a great way to discover new movies and TV Shows from your friends or other folks who share the same taste as you. Goodshows features a well-crafted UI and offers a pleasing experience when you use the app. Once you create an account in the app and start following a few people, you’ll see all their activity in your Home tab. So whenever...

Teevee 3 Goes Universal

Teevee 2 was released on the App Store less than a year ago and it left us very impressed. The app was a huge improvement and shipped with a stunning UI that left us in awe. The app progressively received updates that updated the UI to be more along the lines of iOS 7, including an edge-to-edge homepage UI that looks spectacular. Today, the developers have released version 3.0 of Teevee that not only improves upon the features and experience,...