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At a Glance: This Retweet Animation

Storm It for Tweetstorms on Twitter

Storm It 2.0 for Android

A little over a year ago, we wrote about Storm It — a simple and clever Android app that allows you to post “tweetstorms” on Twitter. With Storm it, you simply go on typing your thoughts or ideas without worrying about how much characters you’ve used. The app will automatically split your block of text into tweets, prepend the “/” format to it and send out your Tweets. It works… dare I say… automagically. A handy preview option shows you...

Twitterrific 5 Twitter App by The Iconfactory

The Iconfactory Releases Twitterrific 5 for Mac (Project Phoenix)

When it comes to Twitter, third-party developers have been doing a far better job of building beautiful and feature-rich apps than what the company has managed. For as long as Twitter has had an API, we’ve seen some outstanding Twitter apps available for iOS, macOS, and even Android. A majority of my early days on Twitter were spent using Twitterrific — built by the kind folks at The Iconfactory. Twitterrific was a phenomenal app back then, giving you a completely...


Twitter Launches a Redesigned UI Across iPhone, iPad and the Web [Updated]

Twitter today announced a major redesign to its UI across all its major platforms — iPhone, iPad and Android apps, Tweetdeck, as well as on the Web (including the Mobile website and Twitter Lite). This redesign introduces a consistent design languages across all the platforms and also introduces a (much needed) refreshing experience to the product. Of course, just like all the previous redesigns, the changes introduced today aren’t going well with its user base. The biggest change today comes...

Nuzzel Adds a Pro Subscription to the iOS App

Twitterrific for iOS Offers Alternative App Icons