Plex for Android Can Now Play Any Video File

The folks at Plex have announced yesterday that they’re introducing a new version of Plex for Android that supports playback of virtually all kinds of video formats.

With our latest update to our Android app, you’ll be able to use Plex to simply open and play just about any video file that you already have on your device or SD card. Or, open a file in another app and choose to play it in Plex. Give us your .MP4s, your .MKVs, your .AVIs, your .WMVs, or even your .WMDs (did you catch that, FBI?) We play them all. No server required!

You can open almost any popular video file format, change audio tracks, or turn on internal subtitles. When the video is a TV episode or movie, you also get a rich preview with a poster, artwork, summary, and much more (is it sorcery or merely magic!?) Plex is already your favorite player for video streaming. Now we think it’ll be your favorite player for the rest of your media files, too.

Although version 6.0 is already live on Google Play, the feature is said to be rolling out slowly to users. I still don’t have it, but I am very much looking forward to it.


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