Vellum Adds a Premium IAP with Access to Four Weeks of Daily Wallpapers

We’re big fans of Vellum here. It’s a lovely little app that delivers some amazing wallpapers for iPhone and has been growing its collection over the last few months. Vellum added a new ‘Daily Wallpapers‘ section back in May and last month, introduced a $0.99 option to disable the ads in the app that we’ve complained about. In an update released today, Vellum has replaced the $0.99 IAP with a new $1.99 ‘Premium’ IAP that not just disables the ads, but also gives you access to the last four weeks of Daily Wallpapers in the Daily Archive. If you already purchased the $0.99 IAP to disable ads, you get access to the Daily Archive for free.

Vellum is available Free on the App Store.

Vellum Finally Adds an In-App Purchase to Disable Ads

Every time I have spoken about Vellum — the well-crafted iPhone app with a host of wallpapers, I’ve complained about the ugly third-party ads at the bottom that ruin the experience for me. Thankfully, the developer has now added an option to disable these ads via an In-App Purchase for just $0.99. The option is available via the info screen brought up by tapping the ? icon at the top right.

Vellum has also added a new wallpaper collection from created by our friends at NFN Labs.

Vellum is available for Free on the App Store.

Vellum Adds a ‘Daily Wallpaper’ Section to the App

Vellum — the well-crafted wallpaper app by Marek Davis offers a steady stream of stunning wallpapers for your iPhone and Apple Watch. The app was updated to version 1.1 last week that adds a new ‘Daily Wallpaper’ section to the app.

With this section, the app will deliver a new wallpaper every day, all-year. These wallpapers are only available on the day of debut, so make sure you save them to your Camera Roll when they drop in.

Vellum continues to be available Free on the App Store, with still no IAP option to turn off the ugly ad banner at the bottom.


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