Can’t Unsee Is A Simple Design Game To Test Your Design Skills

Can’t Unsee Is A Simple Design Game To Test Your Design Skills

Can’t Unsee is an interesting web-based game that has you choosing between two designs and picking the ‘correct’ one. You are presented with two very similar design mockups — one is pixel perfect, while the other is just a bit off. You pick the correct one to progress and to boost your overall score.

A game where your attention to details earns you a lot of coins.

WARNING: Once you see the difference between the images, you won’t be able to unsee it.

The game has been built by Alex Kotliarsky, with designs by Amanda Hum. It takes you through three sets of challenges, with increasing difficulties and you earn virtual gold points for every correct selection. When you make your selection, you are presented with the correct result, along with the option to compare the two mockups — and you’ll really need this in the later challenges. You can even play the game entirely with the keyboard using the 1, 2, Shift, and Enter keys.

Can't Unsee Web Based Game

The mockups are based on current design principles and trends, so the “most correct” options that are deemed correct today will likely change over time. Some of this is obviously subjective but I found myself mostly agreeing with what was considered “correct” on the website. I scored 6830 coins in little over 4 minutes in my first attempt. One of the questions that had a guitar cropped image versus the full image zoomed out was confusing for sure because anyone who was buying something would like to see the complete item pictured rather than a small crop just to fill up an image view. The game also penalizes you for failing to spot a typo in one of the text strings in the mockups, which is fine for that mockup, but the game itself uses an image with a typo in the tutorial you are presented with at the beginning.

This game is well worth your time and quite a lot of fun when you learn how minute some of the errors can get during designing. Check it out here for free.

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