Daybook — A Simple Way to Keep Track of your Goals

Daybook — A Simple Way to Keep Track of your Goals

Daybook is a really simple web app to keep track of important goals that matter to you. It is built by Brian Lovin and inspired by this tweet by Josh Puckett.

The idea is simple — just add a list of things or goals that you want to keep a track of. Then every time you hit the goal or finish that activity, increase the count. Rinse and repeat. You can add notes to each activity by simply clicking on it. I love how you can also add emojis to each item so as to visually differentiate them.

A recent update to Daybook now allows you to make your book public, so that you can share your list with your friends and followers. I do wish there was a way to add an item from someone’s else’s list to your own with one click.

Daybook is extremely basic in nature, so you won’t find any kind of setting to configure or any option to customize the look and feel of the app. You can’t even change your password once you’ve signed up.

Daybook is designed to be simple and sports a lovely minimal design. It’s meant to do one thing and it does a one thing well. You should check it out here. It has also lead to someone building a menubar app for Mac that works in a similar way.

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