Done Not Done is a Simplistic & Clean Bucket List App

Done Not Done is a Simplistic & Clean Bucket List App

Keeping track of things that interest you is never an easy task. Due to the incredible growth of social media & social networking, we are overwhelmed with suggestions and recommendations. It’s cumbersome to gather and centralize this information. There are a ton of bucket list apps that help you do just that. We have already featured Todo Movies and Recall, both of which are pretty amazing at what they do and look stunning. Done Not Done is another addition to those apps.

Done Not Done is a simple & straightforward iPhone app, which allows you to manage things based on 3 primary actions – Watch, Listen and Read. Anything you want to keep a track of will be categorized into one of these actions. You start off with creating an account using Facebook connect. Adding something to the list is pretty simple, you tap the Find+Add button in the center of the bottom bar, enter the name of a movie, book or music track in the Search bar and you’ll be presented with a list. You can refine that list according to the intended action. To save an item in the list, you have two choices, either mark it as ‘Done’ or ‘Not Done’. You can choose to leave an optional comment on it before saving it. Depending on what you selected, the items will be saved respectively into the Done or Not Done section. A neat little feature of this app is the ‘Ideas’ section. This is where the Facebook linking comes into play. Here you will be able to see whats popular among your friends and the things they want to do. Sadly all of that requires your friend to be using the app as well. If none of your friends are using the app, this section will be totally blank and nothing would show up here.

The thing which annoyed me the most was that every time you open it there would be a loading indicator which was fine, but after that, every time you change the tab, there would be a loading indicator again. This just made using the app painfully slow. Another little grievance I had was that it wasn’t very accurate at finding the right things and sometimes it just couldn’t! Say, I wanted to add The Walking Dead (TV Show) to the list, but I couldn’t cause it never came up in the results.

All of the downsides aside, the app has a fantastic user interface. I just love flat interfaces; they make the entire app look very clean and minimalistic. Done Not Done adheres to that wonderfully and the entire feel of the app is very elegant and uncluttered. The action ribbons are neatly color-coded as orange for All, blue for Watch, purple for Listen, and red for Read. The “heading to space & back…” loading animation looks pretty sweet. All of the items you add, comment on or rate are accessible and editable via the Done Not Done website. The website offers every functionality of the iOS app and more. It’s gorgeous and feels even more classy than it’s mobile app. Having your data accessible from anywhere is crucial when it comes to maintaining bucket lists.

You should definitely give this app a try. It’s beautiful, clean, has a nice social aspect to it and is totally free. If it works for you, that’s great else Recall and Todo Movies would be worthy alternatives.

Ed’s Note: Done Not Done has one of the most interesting version numbers for the app that I’ve seen. The current version on the App Store is “2013.01.11”.