Find Color Inspirations from Flickr Photos using Colorapi

There have been numerous times where I’ve found myself ready to begin working on a new design project, but without knowing where to begin. I’m far from being a designer, so it’s very difficult to decide what color palettes to start with. COLOURlovers is a great place to begin at, but recently I also came across a wonderful little service called Colorapi.

Colorapi is a fantastic tool by Bermi Ferrer that lets you find color inspirations from photos on Flickr. You simply enter a search query and it returns photos from the popular photo sharing site along with the color palette for that photo and neatly lays them all out into a grid. You can view colors in full screen mode, navigate with your keyboard and even download the swatches in .ase (Adobe Swatch Exchange) format.

[Visit Colorapi]

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