The Great Mac Dev Survey: Results

The Great Mac Dev Survey: Results

Back in March, we posted about The Great Mac Dev Survey — a survey conducted by fournova Software (developers of Tower app) and targeted towards all kinds of developers who use a Mac to get their work done. The survey hoped to get insights into the developer community as a whole, what tools were being used and what their preferences were like. Over the last couple of months, 7291 participants from over 100 countries across the globe undertook the survey.

Now, the responses submitted by the participants have been studied, segregated, and the team behind the survey has presented the results and its statistics in a very beautiful way on this page. I love the little illustrations they’ve drawn for some of the answers.


Working alone vs. working with a team

Out of four developers, one works solo and one in a large team of 200+ people. This means, on the other hand, that most developers work in small and medium sized companies.

Working from home vs. working at an office

More than half of developers already work from home – at least partly. And of those that work from their company’s office, 57% would like to work from home. It’s safe to say that remote work is on the rise!

Choice of Text Editor

Sublime Text has been the dominant text editor for years. And it still is: almost half of devs still use Sublime when not coding in a special IDE. Another third of devs have a much younger competitor in their Dock: is a very popular alternative.

You should definitely go visit the Survey Results page.

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