Ketchup – Meeting Organiser for Aesthetic Beings

Ketchup – Meeting Organiser for Aesthetic Beings

[tweetmeme]While desktop and even iPhone apps are built with immense functionality, the web shows that you don’t really need to make something powerful for it to be great. Ketchup is a beautiful, simple, and efficient little web app that “makes it stupid simple to keep your notes from meetings, events and presentations organised”.

Sign in, add a meeting, quickly add its agenda, and then add notes for each item in the agenda. That’s all it does. It doesn’t interface with your webcam, it doesn’t have dynamic 3D displays, nor does it create bar graphs on the fly. And that’s okay.

Even before you sign in however, you’re presented with the best in design—the masterful work of Brian Flanagan begins here. The sign in form slides from above, so you don’t have to navigate to a different screen. Once inside, Ketchup doesn’t try to pretend it’s a desktop app, no. You’re presented with a very light, maybe even a little colourful look, with excellent typography and graphics making the whole scene rather delicious. It’s also an AJAX app, so live rearrangement of tabs and instant web sync are taken for granted. And lastly, you can also make the link public so everyone can see what went on behind their backs—take a look at this recent meeting we had.

It’s still in beta as of right now, during which the sign-up is free. There are some rough edges here and there, and perhaps some better sharing features would be appreciated. Ultimately, I’m not sure whether we need such an app, but want we certainly do!

[Thanks to Daring Fireball for bringing it to public attention]