Mac OS X Lion in pure CSS3 Awesomeness

Mac OS X Lion in pure CSS3 Awesomeness

You are probably aware of the contents of the screenshot in the image above. That’s the vanilla desktop you get after a fresh OS X Lion installation. Why’s that up there? Because it has been recreated in HTML5 and CSS3 by Alessio Atzeni, a web designer and front-end developer from Rome, Italy.

The project, available here, begins with the OS X boot screen and then brings you to the login screen. Once you enter the password (which is ‘admin’) you are taken to the desktop. The desktop features draggable windows, menu items and even buttons. Unless absolutely necessary (like user icons and backgrounds), Alessio has not used images at all. Everything you see in the project has been created via CSS3 properties. Alessio explains the project in detail on his blog here.

Novelty side-projects created with CSS3 these days get a lot of criticism that they’re a waste of time, but it’s still remarkable what fantastic outcomes these projects have.

Head over to this link to check out the project yourself.

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