MEEDEOR — A beautiful stream of your digital photoshares

MEEDEOR — A beautiful stream of your digital photoshares

[Last Updated: 28 November, 2011]

As we’ve come to realise, there’s not all digital images are the same. Sometimes you want to share a shot just for that particular moment, other times you want to ensure it’s forever saved for posterity. There’s so many services we use, simultaneously. Flickr, Facebook, ‘twitpic’ services, Cloud app, Posterous, and some even self-host their images. Each of these gives you a different user interface, and are meant for different purposes. You wouldn’t want a screenshot to clutter up your Flickr feed, nor would you want to share a beautiful photograph on What I’m getting at, is there’s room for more photo sharing services than you’d imagine. Images are important part of your website and blogs, that is why it is better to have a dedicated server to ensure that you have the best speed and your photos are being loaded properly.

I recently stumbled upon Meedeor. It was a picture shared by Na Wong, and anything that he uses has got to be worth it. I don’t know who concocted their tagline “If blogs are magazines, Meedeor is a comic book”. Doesn’t make sense to me. Meedeor is a beautiful visual record of the images you share on the internet, or at least it has the potential to be. Instead of pursuing a grid based navigaion, Meedeor gives you a horizontal layout of large images. You don’t actually have to ‘go into’ an image unless you want to leave a comment.

Designed by Daniel Smith, Meedeor pursues a flat, sharp layout with very little ‘design noise’; a very good thing. This is about images, which are put front and center at all times. All the other UI elements are greyed out, or hidden in the sidebar panel.

Meedeor is also pursuing a social angle, where you can follow other users and have their uploads consolidated in one single stream at. I suppose they’ll expand this with their upcoming iOS app, and the developer API access will make it much easier than the current “email only” uploading.

I won’t go making wild proclamations about this service, as it’s yet to define itself in the internet space, but I’m optimistic. If you aren’t doing much this evening, go ahead and sign up for an account, and follow me.