Most of us have been in a situation where we’re heading somewhere and during the time that it takes us to reach our destination, we’ve had to answer the same type of questions numerous times. “Where are you?” or “How long till you get here?” More often than not, your friends will keep pestering you by either calling you or messaging, asking about your location and it does get annoying, especially when you’re stuck in traffic or delayed due to reasons beyond your control. Routeshare is a new iPhone app that lets you easily share your real-time location with anyone, using just a simple & short link.

Routeshare is a utility app that shares your current location in real-time with any intended recipient. With just a few taps in the app, you can send a short link that when accessed, displays your location as you’re moving and the estimated time it’ll take you to reach your destination. The app has been beautifully designed and looks stunning on the iPhone. Unlike other location-sharing apps, Routeshare doesn’t require the other end to have the app installed — your location can be viewed in the browser itself on any platform. And here, the UI is equally good looking. Routeshare is also trip-based, meaning there are no ‘friends’ to add here. You can share the link with virtually anyone, even someone you’re probably going to meet just once.

The short link that you share automatically expires once you reach your destination. Your iPhone displays a notification that you’ve reached, while the other end seems a message in the browser that says you’ve reached X minutes ago. So the next time anyone — a friend who’s waiting for you at the bar, your wife at the mall or just your mom waiting for you to get home & serve you freshly cooked dinner — is waiting, you can whip out Routeshare and have it start tracking your route easily. Routeshare is available Free on the App Store.

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