Squarespace Domains: Get your Domain before it’s gone [Sponsor]

Squarespace Domains: Get your Domain before it’s gone [Sponsor]

Are you looking to start a new project or business? Before creating your website, make sure to lock down your domain with Squarespace. You can purchase a domain directly from Squarespace, and put your idea out into the world with one of their award-winning templates.

We’re big fans of Squarespace. In addition to beautiful website designs, an all-in-one platform, and 24/7 customer service, Squarespace provides a domains shopping experience that’s like nothing else on the web. Squarespace Domains lets you easily purchase a domain, create a website or online store, and connect to Google’s G Suite for custom email — all in one place and with zero technical configuration.

Domains from Squarespace start at $20/year and always renew at the same rate. When you buy a domain, you’ll receive a beautiful, ad-free parking page, WHOIS Privacy, and a 2048-bit SSL certificate to secure your website, all at no additional cost.

Buying a domain from Squarespace is quick, simple, and fun. Start by searching for the domain you want, or type any word or phrase into the search field and Squarespace will suggest some great options for you. And if you already have a domain from another registrar, Squarespace will soon be offering domain transfers.

It goes without saying that Squarespace’s domains experience is beautiful, just like everything else they do. Go to squarespace.com/domains to discover it for yourself and get your domain before it’s gone.

Many thanks to our friends at Squarespace for sponsoring us this week.