Plan what TeuxDeux right on the web

Plan what TeuxDeux right on the web

[tweetmeme] For lovers of minimalism and simplicity in design, here’s TeuxDeux, an ultra clean task list manager right in your browser. The single view gives you 7 days of the week—passed days in grey, today in red, and future days in black—along with a section at the bottom for unplanned tasks. It’s pretty much like a notebook on your screen really. You’re not bound by nitty gritty details like time or priority. As simple as the view may look, it’s actually fully Ajax powered, so you can check off items, drag them between dates, and add new items just by hitting return. And I love that they’ve gone with a non-conventional font like Akzindenz instead of going with the fashionable Helvetica.

TeuxDeux was created and conceived of by Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swiss-Miss design studio, who didn’t quite like what was out there already. Says she:

TeuxDeux is designed around my personal work-flow and preference of how I like my to-do’s organized. As I pretty much ‘live’ in the browser, I have it set to be my homepage, so, every time I open a browser window (which is every few minutes) I am being hit over the head with what I need to get done, which has proven to be very effective.

In TeuxDeux, you always see and entire week in front of you and you see what day of the week you’re on. Days in the past are light gray, the actual day is red and days in the future are black. You have the ability of checking items off, which is incredibly satisfying. But, you can also ‘x’ an item off, delete it, if you want to get rid of the clutter. Up to you.

It’s a painless sign-up, and you’re up and running within minutes. Perfect for running as a fluid app. Unfortunately, there’s no iPhone app, nor is it the website the least bit optimised for the iPhone. Hopefully that will change in the near future. I won’t keep you any longer; I’m sure you have things Teux Deux.