The Platter: 16 February 2014

The Platter: 16 February 2014

First Tracks with Helly Hansen

First Tracks with Helly Hansen is a gorgeous alarm clock created specially for those looking out for the perfect time go skiing. The app uses the API to find out if it snowed at night in your location. If it did, the app wakes you up earlier than your default alarm time so that you can catch a ride on that fresh powder. First Tracks uses a lovely image as its background and blurs out the image while displaying UI elements. The app is clean, does one thing, and does it well. It’s available for Free on the App Store and on Google Play.


GIFWrapped is a fun way to share and store your favourite GIFs. The app features a dark theme with a lovely green colour accent used for in-app buttons. GIFWrapped lets you view GIFs stored in your camera roll and GIFs from people you follow on Twitter. You can also search for GIFs across the internet using the in-app search. The best feature of GIFWrapped is its ability to sync and backup all your GIFs to a folder in Dropbox. The app is Universal and is available for Free on the App Store. There’s also an in-app purchase of $1.99 to remove ads.

Shopi – Shared Grocery Shopping Lists

Shopi is a beautiful little shopping list app created by Sapient Pair Pty Ltd in association with Matt Kelsh from Shifty Jelly, who did the graphic styling. Shopi’s standout feature is list sharing. There’s an option to share your current location with another Shopi user so that they know when you’re out shopping and can add items to your list. The app learns how you input your shopping list and automagically arranges your list. The app also has a beautiful icon and is available for Free on the App Store.

Stories — Collect your private memories

Stories is an iPhone app that aims to help you collect your precious memories and store them privately on your iPhone. Stories is easy to use and is built specifically for iOS 7. One of the great features of Stories is the story slideshow. To enable this, just turn your iPhone to landscape and you can view a lovely slideshow of your memorable story through the app or even on your TV using AirPlay. Stories is available for Free on the App Store for your main story and has an in-app purchase for enabling backup and multiple stories. You should try it out.

Learn Cricket

Learn Cricket is a guide to Twenty20 cricket brought to you by the Melbourne Stars from the Big Bash League in Australia. The guide has been thoughtfully crafted using images, summarised descriptions and quizzes to help you understand T20 cricket. The background of the app is reminiscent of a cricket ground with great attention to detail making for an overall lovely experience. Learn Cricket is the ideal way for people with little or no knowledge of cricket to learn about the game. You can get it Free on the App Store.