Windy is an absolutely stellar app for iPhone and iPad makes use of stereoscopic 3D audio and surreal parallax illustrations along with a story line to help you relax or meditate. The app has been brought to the App Store by Taptanium, who’ve previously produced apps like Thunderspace and Haze, both being beautifully designed apps as well.

Continuing with what made Thunderspace so awesome, Taptanium have one again collaborated with Emmy-award winning nature sound recordist Gordon Hempton for the stereoscopic 3D audio used in this app. While Thunderspace created virtual thunderstorms around you, Windy, as the name suggests, brings different kinds of winds to your ears. The goal is still the same — to help you de-stress and relax. But the audio’s not the only thing that’s 3D in Windy. Windy also includes some beautiful illustrations by Marie Beschorner that are presented using iOS 7′s parallax capabilities. Not only do you enjoy crystal clear sound in your eyes, the app treats eyes to some breath-taking visuals as well. There’s also a story line that you follow in the app, with the app’s main character — Windy — travels where the wind takes her.

There are six type of wind recordings and parallax scenes to choose from in the app. Unlike Thunderspace, there are no IAPs in Windy. The purchase price (currently $1.99 on account of Earth Day) gets you everything at one go. Windy is a Universal app for iPhone and iPad and you should definitely grab it from the App Store.

Squarespace Metrics Gains iPad Support

Squarespace is a great service that offers easy to use tools to build your own professional-looking website. Squarespace has an iOS app called Squarespace Metrics that lets you keep track of the visitors to your website and connected social accounts. Originally released five months ago, the company has just released an update to the app that adds iPad support to it. It’s now a Universal app that you can use to check your website’s stats and is available Free on the App Store.

1Password v4.3 for Mac

Along with the release of the BIG 1Password for iOS update that brings a brand new iOS 7 design and a plethora of new features, AgileBits have also released a big update to the Mac version as well. With this release, 1Password for Mac gains the following notable features:

  • You can now choose which vault to use when saving a new Login
  • Looking for something specific? 1Password mini now searches everything, from your usernames to your notes
  • Fullscreen support
  • Tons of keyboard shortcuts in 1Password mini
  • By popular request, 1Password mini now shows Secure Notes!
  • Master Password syncs to your other devices when you change it on one
  • Ability to sync data file via USB
  • 1Password mini now supports fuzzy search. For example: “oogle” will now return items named “Google”

Of course, there are tons of other additions in this release, so make sure you check the release notes on this one. 1Password for Mac is currently on a 50% Off sale for just $24.99

The original 1Password for iOS, while functional, was an eyesore and it stayed that way for a long time. 1Password 4 came along and changed everything. It was awesome. But once iOS 7 hit, it felt stale and using the old keyboard was quite jarring. Today, AgileBits have released 1Password 4.5 for iOS and 1Password 4.3 for Mac. Both are free updates to existing owners of 1Password 4.

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There are already plenty of file-sharing services and utilities out there, including ones that offer menubar apps for Mac that allow you to quickly drag and drop files onto them and generate a URL that you can easily share with anyone. The most popular ones, although not limited to this functionality, are Droplr and Cloud App. At first glance, Torpedo is very similar to these services. It offers a Mac app that lets you drag and drop a file and generates a URL for you. But there’s a twist. Torpedo specializes in Short-term File Sharing.

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When it comes to emailing photos, Gmail’s 25 MB limit runs out before the 15th picture is attached. We take more photos than that of our lunch these days. Of course, there are alternatives. You can use Google Drive storage and attach that in the email, or share via iCloud or Dropbox. But your friends might not be Beautiful Pixels readers. We want a dead simple solution for the sender and receiver. WeTransfer’s iPhone app is more than happy to help.

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