An Unhealthy Lust for Design

Little Movies

Little Movies Brings You Daily Movie Recommendations

Thousands of movies released every year, and many of them don’t do well at the box-office and quickly make their way to online streaming services. You also have tens of thousands of movies released in the previous years that you may have never gotten a chance to watch. With so much content out there, it becomes difficult to find something you want to watch. There are several sites, like Letterboxd for example, that offer a bunch of different ways to...

iMazing Mini

iMazing Mini — Supercharged Backup for your iPhone and iPad

Apple’s devices are a marvel of engineering – of that, there’s no doubt. Even their staunchest critics will admit that Apple’s hardware design is second to none. What drives people away from Apple, besides their pricing decisions, is usually their stranglehold on the software. Apple’s philosophy is to simplify the User Experience, usually at the cost of customizability. Sometimes, though, they take this even further than logic dictates necessary. While their sandboxing model can be both a good security measure...


Twitter Launches a Redesigned UI Across iPhone, iPad and the Web [Updated]

Twitter today announced a major redesign to its UI across all its major platforms — iPhone, iPad and Android apps, Tweetdeck, as well as on the Web (including the Mobile website and Twitter Lite). This redesign introduces a consistent design languages across all the platforms and also introduces a (much needed) refreshing experience to the product. Of course, just like all the previous redesigns, the changes introduced today aren’t going well with its user base. The biggest change today comes...

Feather Icons

Feather Icons — 200+ Free & Open Source Icons

Feather Icons is a beautiful set of icons designed and released by Cole Bemis. The set contains 200+ simple and elegant icons and is available to download for free from the website. I love that you don’t have to enter your email address to download the set. The icon set contains .svg files filed under the following categories: — arrows — communication — core — location — logos — media-controls — photo-and-video — weather Feather icons are released under a...

Plex for Android Can Now Play Any Video File

BitWorth App

BitWorth — Cryptocurrency Net Worth Calculator

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the words “Bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency” being thrown around a lot these days. Bitcoin was in the news just last week as it crossed the $3000 figure for the first time. I’ll admit, though, I don’t really understand cryptocurrencies at all. In fact, I had no idea there are over 700 different cryptocurrencies around the globe. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, DogeCoin have gained a lot of attention in recent months...