Cultured Code Releases Things 3.15 with Support for Shortcuts on macOS Monterey

Things v3.15 is out today with a whole lot of goodies for macOS Monterey. The biggest of the lot is support for Apple Shortcuts. Things now offers full support for Shortcuts on the Mac, making your daily task handling much easier. The blog post linked above has a bunch of example shortcuts created by the Cultured Code team to help you get started.

This release also comes with major performance improvements, making the app considerably faster & snappier in practice. The company says that the app launches upto 43% faster, while new windows open up to 45% faster. These performance improvements aren’t limited to the Mac, with things getting faster up to 32% in the iOS versions as well.

Lastly, this release brings support for keyboard shortcuts when using International Keyboards.

On non-US layouts, shortcuts involving letters will mostly stay the same, but shortcuts with special characters will now be easier to type – and some that were previously impossible to use can now be typed for the first time!

Check out our updated keyboard page for your layout. You can also look in the menus on Mac, or hold down Cmd on iPad.

Things for Mac is available for $50 on the Mac App Store, and this is a free update to all existing users.

Rogue Amoeba’s Fission Leaves the Mac App Store

Paul Kafasis, writing on the Rogue Amoeba blog:

For almost twenty years, we’ve sold our software directly to our customers via our online store. Our fast and secure purchase process has served our customers very well. Since the Mac App Store opened in 2011, we’ve also experimented there. However, despite a decade of feedback from countless developers and users, Apple has made scant few changes and the store remains beset with issues. When you couple the many shortcomings and issues with Apple’s restrictive polices that preclude most of our software from appearing there, the Mac App Store is clearly a poor fit for us. With the removal of Fission, we no longer have any products in the Mac App Store.

It’s a shame that Apple is letting the Mac App Store rot away like this. The whole experience, even in 2021, is unsurprisingly bad. Even though they revamped the Mac App Store app recently, the developer experience and features available to the them are still causing harm at a larger scale.

Bobby Now Accepts Submissions for Missing Services

Bobby is currently our favorite subscriptions tracking app for iPhone & iPad. It’s a great way to quickly add your recurring expenses for services and get an overview of how much you’re spending on subscriptions. It comes with a long list of predefined services, or you can add your own custom service manually as well.

Now you can submit any missing services to the app for consideration by visiting If you think your favorite service needs to be on Bobby for quick addition, let them know.


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