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This Concept Design of a ‘BRAUN Audio 07’ Radio Hardware is Absolutely Stunning

Cairo based product designer Abdelrahman Shaapan has created this concept design of Spotify radio hardware and it is one of the slickest concepts we’ve seen.

BRAUN Audio 7 is Classic speaker design inspired by old BRAUN products contains a futuristic look, you have integrated a touch screen. This device contains a built-in Spotify application for use without the need for another device to run.

It kinda reminds me of Saregama’s Carvaan sitting on my shelf here and I really hope Spotify builds something like this.

Also see his other concepts → Magic Trackpad 3 and Sony PS5

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My first encounter with Simurai’s work was with the tilt-shift text effect he pulled off using just CSS. Yes, the same thing you see in the image above. I was in awe, and he was instantly in my list of awesome designers to follow. So who is Simurai? His real name is Simon (which when merged with Samurai, produces Simurai), a Swiss [...]


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