The Side: Muzei


Last year, Roman Nurik released Dash Clock that is something Android should have had from the get go. It is the best lock screen widget available. It even has an API and most of my favourite Android apps have extensions for Dash Clock. Today, one year later, Roman Nurik releases Muzei for Android. Live wallpapers are mostly hit or miss, with many looking plain ugly. Muzei refreshes your home screen wallpaper with a work of art each day. You can also set your own source for the images from your library. It even has an amazing blur and dim mode bringing your content to the forefront. This reminds me of wallpaper apps on a certain other platform. The wallpapers look really really great and double tapping an empty space on the homescreen removes all blur to show you the image. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Roman Nurik’s projects like this should be a part of Android because they are that damn good. Muzei is available for free on Google Play and the code is open source.

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