Today Weather is an Informatively Charming Weather App

Today Weather is an Informatively Charming Weather App

The number of good weather apps in the App Store is pretty mindblowing, borderline ridiculous. There’s a weather app of every kind for your iOS device. I know most people are sick of weather apps by now and already have the one they love, but more choices are never bad. Savvy Apps, known for apps like Agenda Calendar and Buzz Contacts now aim to change the way you experience weather on iOS with Today Weather.

When you launch the app you are prompted to add your location and the app has 4 main views. The main view has the location, local time and current temperature on the upper half of the screen presented nicely with more detailed conditions like highs and lows, winds, precipitation below it. The lower portion of the screen has the temperature and conditions for later periods of the day separated by 4 hours. Swiping to the right brings up the weekly forecast with the icons of the conditions each day on the top and a brilliant bar graph animation with colour coded bars for the highs and lows that day. The high and low mode on the bar graph can be toggled by tapping it. The app has a dark or light theme depending on the time at the location weather being viewed. I’m glad the app doesn’t use the same set of weather icons most apps have been using recently. You can swipe to the left from the main view to view the hourly forecast with sunrise and sunset times. Tapping the small arrow on the bottom right of each main weather view will take you to the dashboard that has the weather summary for multiple locations. You can also pinch from top to bottom to reveal this view on any location weather page. This is the most useful part of the app for me. Tapping the arrow on the bottom again brings up the dashboard that lets you edit and rearrange locations. The settings screen lets you choose the temperature unit and toggle current location or neighbourhood.

In an otherwise crowded weather category, Today Weather stands out. It is full of gorgeous pixels and unlike many weather apps I see, Today Weather is really useful. Being able to view the weather summary for multiple locations on one page is awesome. While it may not please the weather aficionados who love detailed radar imagery, it isn’t meant to. The app simplifies the way you view weather and helps you do it quickly. Today Weather by Savvy Apps is available in the App Store for $1.99.

Update: The developer has informed me that radar imagery is available only for cities in the US right now. You can tap the small radar button on the bottom left if available to see upcoming precipitation.

Mikhail Madnani is the acting Editor-in-Chief of Beautiful Pixels. He’s usually the one making sure so many weather apps get reviewed when he isn’t playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 or Hearthstone.