Newton’s Tidy Inbox Helps You Get Rid of the Clutter

If you’ve used Google’s Priority Inbox in the past, or use SaneBox now, you already know what Newton’s newest feature Tidy Inbox does. It’s their own take on Gmail tabs and the feature is designed to remove Newsletters, Offers, and Social Media updates from your main Inbox, and transfer them to a specially created ‘Low Priority’ Folder, for your consideration at a later date. It’s a smart way of ensuring that you get to attend to important email first, and don’t get notified every time a low-priority email comes in.

Newton is my personal email app of choice and I’m very happy to see them continue to improve. Tidy Inbox is a Supercharger feature, which means you can avail of it only if you’ve subscribed to their $49.99/year service. If email is a crucial part of your personal or professional life, Newton is an amazing, continually improving tool, and well worth the money.

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