Kaleidoscope – File Comparison Hotness from Sofa

Kaleidoscope – File Comparison Hotness from Sofa

If there ever was a product page that made me lust more than the app, it would be Kaleidoscope. The moment I saw it, I knew I would download the app no matter what its functionality.

Turns out, Kaleidoscope is quite a useful one at that. A file comparison utility for the Mac that supports variety of image and text formats, including subversion support for other clients. The scope of Kaleidoscope is too wide to be discussed here. So the website is mind numbingly gorgeous, but what about the app?

Not too shabby. Brilliant—beautiful, in fact. It might even be better looking than the website. I now pray that my workflow requires more file comparisons, because I so want to use this every morning that I wake up. Three cheers to Sofa: one for making such a gorgeous website, second for not selling out to the iPad hype, and third, for making an otherwise boring job something pleasurable to look at. Seriously, go download it.

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