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Bjango’s Marc Edwards and his Mac App Icon Design Workflow

iStat 3 for iOS and Mac Ships with a whole lot of Improvements

The last time we spoke about iStat was back in 2012 when Bjango had just shipped iStat 2, a major update to the remote server monitoring and stats app. It was a fantastic update that introduced a plethora of new features to the app and the fresh coat of paint it had received looked stunning on your screens. I wrote: It’s evident that a ridiculous amount of work has gone into the making of this release by spending just a...

The Dialogue: Marc Edwards

We’re back with another one of our Dialogues. Today, we’re speaking to Marc Edwards from Bjango, who was kind enough to do this interview with me in the midst of building a new house, moving and working on Skala. I’ve respected him from the first blog post I read, and following him on App.net this past year has only made that respect increase.