Zippy – Insightful Task Management

Zippy – Insightful Task Management

Zippy joins a pool of quirky task management apps for iPhone. 2014 seems to be the year of list apps. With UpWord Notes and Listacular already taking the limelight. Zippy, just as many other apps, has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest. And that is Insights.

Zippy has a flat UI with textured colors straight out of an early 2000s Pixar movie. It manages to grab your attention. The UI is heavily based on gestures, with a side bar popping up from the left and options to the right. Swipe left on any task to bring up the checkmark (to mark it as done) or and to access options (such as Reschedule, Snooze or Delete).

Adding a task is a step by step process spread across multiple pages. While it means more clicks for you, it also means the steps are simple enough to keep you concentrated. Add a task by tapping the big red + button on the bottom of the homescreen. On the next screen add a new task and tag it for better management (you can also create a new tag from here). The next screen is for reminders and it looks like a direct descendent of Mailbox reminders page (much like UpWord does). You have the general options like Tomorrow or This Weekend. There’s also Later Today and Custom where you can pick a specific time for the reminder, which is the next screen. There’s a calender view to pick the date and a 24 hour horizontal slider to select the time.

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4 screens might seem a lot to go through for setting a simple task with a reminder but all the options are brilliantly designed and you’ll find yourself zipping through them in no time.

Now let’s talk about what makes Zippy stand out. Insights. Insights is like Google Analytics for your life. Just use Zippy like any other task management app. Add the task, assign a due date and when it’s done, hit the check mark. While you carry on with your life, Zippy takes notice of everything. Did you complete the task on the same day as you promised you would? How early was it? Which tasks came in late? Once you’ve used Zippy for a few days, Insights will show it’s usefulness. Insights include stats like when you create and complete tasks, which days of the week you are most active, how many times you’ve snoozed a task and so on.

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Insights, accessed from the sidebar, has the same flat bright color routine. There’s a different slot for each stat. But unlike the task management process where you zip through different screens, Insights, like the task list, is just one long scrolling page.

Zippy, with it’s step by step approach to task management, makes the whole process – pardon the pun – zippy. Add to that, insights about many small details about how you manage your tasks and time. These two features combined make Zippy worth a look. Zippy is available for just $0.99 on the App Store.