Feedbin Improves the Subscribe Flow for New Feeds

Feedbin has been my personal favorite choice of feed aggregation services after the death of Google Reader back in 2013. Although several other services have cropped up since then, some even free, the simplicity and elegance of Feedbin has me hooked to it. While I use Feedbin primarily as a feed syncing service between my Macs and iOS devices, and I’m sure most others do too, I do at times hop onto the Feedbin website to use the web interface. I love how Ben continues to improve various aspects of the web version of the service, including some minor things.

In an update earlier today on the Feedbin blog, Ben announced a minor but fantastic change to the new feed subscription workflow. The previous method was cumbersome and required too many clicks and this new method makes things so much easier now.

Here’s a GIF of it in action.

Preshit Deorukhkar is the former Editor-in-Chief of Beautiful Pixels. He is now a Freelance Consultant, Principal at iXyr Media & SharpShutter Media. You can reach him on Twitter @preshit