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The Responsive House

The Responsive House Animation

A few months ago, Gal Shir posted this lovely and impressive animated GIF titled Responsive House on Dribbble. It features a slider that when moved from right to left, the house above it goes from 6 Rooms to 5 Rooms to 4 Rooms and then to 3 Rooms. It’s quite fascinating to look at that animation, so go ahead and check it out before reading any further. Gal also posted a video on his YouTube channel as to how he...


Iconfinder Adds an IconJar Format for Easy Management of Icon Sets

Earlier this year, we wrote about IconJar — a fantastic Mac app to organize and manage all your icon sets. It’s a great utility for designers and front-end developers who work with a lot of icon sets, especially considering how well the app manages to handled everything you throw at it. It retails for just $20, so it’s quite an easy buy. Similarly, Iconfinder is a lovely online resource where you can find a ton of icons for all kinds...


Dropmark — A Peerless Digital Scrapbook

Notes apps are a dime a dozen — Apple’s own built-in solution is excellent, and keeps getting progressively better with each release of iOS. Evernote, the Prince-turned-Pauper, continues to be the preferred solution for a lot of people, despite the seemingly unknown direction its parent company is taking. Bear, the excellent Evernote replacement, which we’ve covered here at BP, also keeps on getting better and better, and offers one of the best ways to save Web Page content we’ve ever...

Day One Journal Apps

Day One Journal Shifts to a Subscription Model for ‘Premium’ Features

Day One — the popular journaling app for iOS and Mac has today announced that it will be transitioning to a subscription-based service going forward, in order to have a more stable business model for the company. This week, Day One is introducing the Day One Premium service that will cost $50 per year and will let you create more than 10 journals and give you access to additional features that the company will add to the service in the...


Twitter Launches a Redesigned UI Across iPhone, iPad and the Web [Updated]

Twitter today announced a major redesign to its UI across all its major platforms — iPhone, iPad and Android apps, Tweetdeck, as well as on the Web (including the Mobile website and Twitter Lite). This redesign introduces a consistent design languages across all the platforms and also introduces a (much needed) refreshing experience to the product. Of course, just like all the previous redesigns, the changes introduced today aren’t going well with its user base. The biggest change today comes...

Day One Journal Adds End-to-End Encryption Feature to the iOS App