— A Beautiful Home for your Homescreens — A Beautiful Home for your Homescreens

Would you look at that! We’re featuring one of our own sites!

Already introduced by the overlords at SA, (or as we refer to it) is a place for you to show off your iOS device homescreens. Conceptualised by Preshit, the fabulous design work has been the work of Benjamin George (@benrulz). Bringing that beauty into fruition is the masterful ‘rails code laid out by Tinu Cleatus (@hackedunit). We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

The site is currently invite only as we sort things out to accommodate traffic, but you could very well get lucky with one by leaving your email address behind.

To see what homescreens are all about, check out the fantastic profiles of Kyle, Jonas, Viticci, Preshit, and Chris.