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Lookmark — Save iTunes Content for Later

Ever come across an iOS or Mac app that you want to download, but for some reason cannot download it at that very moment? How about that amazing new game that has just come out, but you’re out traveling and can’t spend your precious mobile data on downloading the 1GB+ file? Lookmark aims to makes this easy for you. Lookmark is an intelligently crafted iPhone app that helps you bookmark content from iTunes for later. It doesn’t just work with...


Letterpress Arrives on the Mac

Letterpress — the hugely popular game that debuted back in 2012 has just landed on the Mac. Letterpress was originally developed by Loren Brichter, who is popularly known as the creator of Tweetie — the Twitter client that Twitter ended up buying for themselves and later ruin, and for the ‘Pull to Refresh’ software implementation that’s become a norm in almost all apps these days. Just like his previous efforts, Letterpress went on to achieve massive success and quickly became...

Pixelmator for iOS

Pixelmator 2.3 for iOS Adds Advanced Quick Selection and Magnetic Selection Tools

The Pixelmator Team has yesterday released Version 2.3 of Pixelmator for iOS that introduces two new impressive features to the app — Quick Selection Tool and Magnetic Selection Tool. Ever since its debut on iOS, Pixelmator has been one of, if not the most essential apps to have on your iPhone or iPad for editing photos or images. The Pixelmator Team has continued to add some incredible features to the app and it’s easy to forget that all this is...

Shift — The Time Zone Converter and Meeting Scheduler adds Natural Language Parsing and More

Image2icon — The Free Icon Maker for Mac


Storm It — A Simple Android App for your Tweetstorms

Whether you like it or not, Tweetstorms have become an integral part of Twitter today. Twitter has become an easy, obvious medium to not just vent out your frustration, but also to send out multiple rapid-fire tweets about a certain topic – say an event that you watched unfold before you — that others might find useful. Using a typical Twitter client means that you have to make sure that each tweet you send out has to be <= 140...