An Unhealthy Lust for Design


Deliveries 6.0

We’re big fans of Junecloud and their apps here at Beautiful Pixels. I personally love their simplistic style and the uniqueness of their apps. I have been using Delivery Status as a widget on my Mac for years now. The app, now called Deliveries, lets you track your...



NoteDash is a ridiculously simple utility app to jot down notes or snippets of text that you can view in your Notification Center. What you see above is the only UI you see in the app. Whatever you type here, shows up in the Notification Center widget that...


Numerical Goes Universal with v1.2

When we first wrote about Numerical — the gesture driven calculator app for iPhone, its simple nature, beautiful design, minimalist elements and wonderful gesture-based interactions left us very impressed. The developers have now updated Numerical to version 1.2, that brings support for iPad, themes and some feature enhancements....