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Lacona — A Launcher with a Brain

I remember the first time a friend opened my eyes to the world of launchers on Mac, it felt like all my nerdy dreams had finally come true. Who amongst us hasn’t seen the admittedly puerile, yet strangely enticing, scene of a hacker in a Hollywood movie, pounding away on his/her keyboard, and essentially, pwning the world? Who amongst us hasn’t wanted to do the same? Well, thanks to Mac developers like the brilliant people behind Lacona, you can make...

Affinity Photo’s Windows Beta is a Godsend for PC Photographers

Anchor Pointer

Anchor Pointer 2.0

Anchor Pointer is the lovely GPS Compass app for iPhone that we first wrote about back in July 2014. The app lets you drop pins anchors on a map to bookmark those locations, and then helps you point towards them using the compass, so that you can navigate your way easily. The first version of the app was really nicely done with a simple and elegant UI and worked really well. A few days ago, Anchor Pointer was updated to...

Letterpress 3.0 Introduces Chat, Statistics, Leaderboards and more