An Unhealthy Lust for Design


August — Art Discovery 2.0

As someone unfortunately not blessed with an eye for art (or any artistic attribute whatsoever), I frequently find myself on the lookout for something that knocks my socks off. Okay, I admit it… I’m mostly trawling for a new desktop wallpaper. Gone are the days when Google Images...



NOTE’d is an absolutely stunning app for iPhone that lets you jot down notes, ideas, thoughts or pretty much anything. It features a phenomenally designed UI and sports an extensive, yet easy to use feature set that make it really stand out as a gorgeous notes app for...


Keezy Drummer – Jam Like a Pro

Ah, music apps. Advances in hardware and software have created an environment where cellphones, tablets and computers can replace even the most specialised of equipment. For the die hard, nothing defines a great song like an amazing solo. Increasingly, however, you have people coming up with stuff like...