Percent Mate Wearable is a Percentage Calculator for Apple Watch

Percent Mate Wearable is a Percentage Calculator for Apple Watch

If you’ve ever found yourself looking for a quick way to carry out percentage calculations on the go, Percent Mate is here to help you. Percent Mate is an app that’s designed exclusively to help you with percentage calculations. It comes in two variants — Percent Mate — an iPhone-only app and Percent Mate Wearable — an app for Apple Watch.

Percent Mate is designed for calculations of (sales) growth rates, climb rate s(RoC), response rates (returns, complaints), weight loss/gain, volume discounts, savings goals, ROI, profit vs. costs, tolerances, fees, discounts, rebates, interest, debt, taxes, VAT (Value Added Tax: in both directions) and restaurant tipping with split function.

Percent Mate Wearable makes percentage calculations super easy. The app is split into four screens — the first one lets you calculate a number by specifying the percentage value (E.g.: 3500 – 27% = X), the second screen lets you calculate the percentage value by specifying a number (E.g.: 2850 out of 3760 = Y%), the third screen is for the Settings while the fourth screen includes a manual for the app. You enter numbers by tapping on the screen and change values by rotating the crown. It takes some getting used to at first, but once you do… calculations are swift.

Percent Mate Wearable

You can customize the incremental jumps between values from the settings screen. Options available are: ±0.01%, ±0.10%, ±1.00%, ±5.00% and ±10.00%.

Typically speaking, almost all of the Apple Watch apps we’ve seen are supplementary to the main iPhone app. Unlike these, Percent Mate Wearable is a watchOS-only app. Of course, you need to have the iPhone app installed, but there’s no functionality built into it. I’m not sure why the two apps need to be separate, as the developer could’ve just combined the functionality into a single app.

Percent Mate Wearable is available for $3.99 on the App Store. The iPhone-only version of Percent Mate is available for $4.99.

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