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Koins Currency Converter

Koins — A Currency Converter Designed for One-Handed Use

Koins is a new currency converter app for iPhone and iPad by Appatakkars that’s designd for one-handed use. The Appatakkars are known for their gorgeous iPhone apps like Lumy, Cleanz, and Blurz. Just like these apps, Koinz Koins looks stunning, especially on the new OLED display on the iPhone X. Koins looks and works largely like a typical currency converter app on iOS. You’ve got the to/from currencies at the top and a numeric keypad at the bottom. You can...

Bobby - Track Subscriptions

Bobby — Subscriptions Tracker 2.0

Early last year, we told you about Billy — the fabulous iPhone app to keep track of your recurring subscriptions across various services and websites. Built by the lovely folks at Yummygum, Billy was rebranded as ‘Bobby’ just a month later and this week marks the release of Bobby 2.0, a major update that introduces some much-needed features and improvements to the app. iCloud Sync and Touch ID The most notable addition in this release is iCloud Sync. All subscriptions...

Simple Currency Converter

Currency 1.6 Adds A Calculator and New Themes; Goes Freemium

Currency Converters are dime a dozen, so it is very rare to come across a currency converter app that leaves a lasting impression on you. I’ve written about quite a few currency converter apps for iOS, but one that I’ve always come back to is aptly called ‘Currency — Simple Currency Converter‘. I first discovered Currency in April 2013 and was really impressed. It was a simple currency converter that was delightful to use. Alex and Matt had polished the...

Finances for Mac Completes the Bookkeeping Trilogy


Spendee — Frictionless Expense Tracking

It’s raining financial apps here on Beautiful Pixels! We recently covered the impressively comprehensive Finances 2, which makes your personal bookkeeping remarkably easy. Our only regret was that the app wouldn’t be useful to someone who just wants to track daily expenses, instead of having to worry about the difference between single and double-entry bookkeping. Well, worry no more, dear readers – Spendee, an excellent expense tracking app, has you covered. As Preshit already stated in his review, Spendee’s USP...

Finances 2

Finances 2 — Beautifully Detailed Bookkeeping App for iOS and Mac

The financial world is complicated, and no one knows this better than someone who’s worked in the field, without the benefit (and, if I’m to be honest, the proclivity) for Finance. The sheer number of terms floating out there is enough to make even the most hardened of linguists struggle, not to mention remembering subtle differences, such as the one between ‘Gross’ and ‘Net’. It is inarguable, however, that getting a handle on one’s personal finances is no longer a...